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OPEX is recognized as one of the leading low cost high quality long-distance providers in America! Rates, customer service, and ease of doing business make OPEX the great choice!

Rates and Plans

  • 2.5¢/min anytime
  • 60/60 or one minute billing increments
  • No monthly fee *
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This service is subject to the OPEX Communications, Inc., terms and conditions for long distance service (see www.opexld.com/terms_conditions.htm) State-to-State rates, In-State rates, taxes and tariffs vary based on your location. For international rates to specific countries, please refer to the international long distance rate table. International calls to cellular phones may be billed at higher rates. Calls to Non-Geographical Numbers (NGN), such as satellite phones, will be billed at $9.99 per minute. All calling rates are subject to change upon notice as indicated in the terms and onditions. All orders are subject to third party verification. Governmental taxes and fees will apply. A PICC fee of $2.99 per line is applied to each Commercial line, however, the fee will be waived on the first Commercial line. All residential lines are free of PICC charges. A Minimum Usage Fee of $2.00 will be applied if your bill is under $20.00 per month. The fee to receive a paper invoice is $0.79 residential, $1.99 business per month. You will not be charged a paper invoice fee if you elect to receive electronic statements (eBills). Other restrictions may apply.